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Sexy in Swimming Trunks Lance Franklin At The Beach In Melbourne

Sexy in Swimming Trunks Lance Franklin At The Beach In Melbourne

Stunning and sexy Australian footballer Lance Franklin goes shirtless and looks sexy in speedo during a break at the beach with teammates at Brighton in Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday.

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  • klaus p

    Buddy you look fucking awesome – the tight speedos don’t leave much to the imagination and it would be fantastic if we good see you in the buff showing off your massive horny endowment

  • daryl m

    Hey Buddy that is a pretty hot body and my mind goes back to my high school days and I remember a guy by the name of Phillip Lamovie who when he was 15 had an awesome thick jet black hairy chest as well as a nice meaty very hairy cut cock

  • chris k

    During the early 1990’s I went frequently to Recreation gym in Armadale and I remember a bloke by the name of Damian Eagle who looked fucking awesome with his muscly chest and back smothered in beautiful thick jet black hair

  • john c

    The Aussie actor Sullivan Stapleton is a real spunk and his former partner Carla Bonner would often take his hot sticky cum and smear it across his stubbled face and beautiful hairy chest

  • phillip l

    Does any one recall the days of the Aussie rock band Sherbet and the drummer Alan Sandow who would perform bare chested and his awesome hairy chest looked like it needed a lawn mower

  • greg s

    Back in the early 1980’s I was in the change rooms of Caulfield Football Club and was gobsmacked by the footballer Rod Morrison – he was prancing about in the buff showing off his jet black hairy uncut cock and what I call a chest fro – chest smothered in massive tight ringlets of luscious thick jet black hair

  • eric h

    Robin Gardener the other night had a fling at her home with Luke hot boy and as she lied on the bed with her legs spread wide open Luke pumped her thick jet black hairy hot wet pussy with his throbbing jet black hairy thick 7 inch uncut cock for 5 minutes until her pussy was filled with his hot sticky cum

  • chris k

    Nick Batzias’s partner Katie the other night had the pleasure of pulling down his strides, rollling back his foreskin and taking his massive thick black hairy uncut throbbing cock in her mouth after which he pumped her beautiful thick jet black hairy hot wet pussy

  • phillip l

    I saw on a blog about body hair a comment from a guy who said he had a hairy chest at 13, a full beard at 14 and a hairy back at 17 – mate, you are a bloody legend and please let us now (maybe with pics) if there are any young dudes who can match this guy

  • david w

    At a Melbourne independent school in 2012 there was a hot guy named Idan Yitzchaki who looked fucking awesome with a sexy teenage jet black beard and mouth watering give you a hard on hairy chest

  • chris k

    Buddy you look so beaufiful and I am thinking of a bloke from my old gym named John Canty who had a gorgeous blonde hairy chest and a cute bonde hairy uncut cock

  • johnc

    phil harnett who is lead singer of the band Scat is engaged to his girlfriend Rhonda and almost every night he is shoving his massive cock up her hot wet blonde hairy pussy and fucking her senseless

  • klaus p

    chris masten has a fucking hot body and the other night his fiance took some of his cum and rubbed in in to her tits and then smeared it across his beard

    and his tattooed hairy chest

  • laurie k

    there are many fantastic videos on the pornhub website and in particular there is the video of a bearded hairy chested guy jerking off which end with a spray of cum landing on his beard

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