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2wink Australia Releases Limited Edition AQUA Color For AUS12 Swimwear Range

2wink Australia Releases Limited Edition AQUA Color For AUS12 Swimwear Range

Onward March! 2wink Australia reveals its latest Limited Edition AQUA Color underwear For Aussie Defence (AUS12) Swimwear Range.

For more info please read Press Release below.

Thanks to Stephen Lucin from for sharing this info.

Press Release:

(LOS ANGELES – JUL. 25, 2012) – Adding to the success of its AUS12 swimwear range, 2wink Australia has introduced a limited edition color, AQUA.

The military-themed swimwear of the Australian air, sea and ground forces, depicted as AUS? for Australia and the current year as ?12,? currently comes in light blue, orange and red. AQUA was introduced, in limited quantity, to represent the elite special forces.

We’ve had a great response to the AUS12 swimwear range,? says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill. ?Sales have been strong and several sizes even sold out! So this month we?ve released a new color, AQUA, which will be a limited release as we prepare to design the AUS13 range appropriately set for sale early next year.?

AUS12 swimsuits are made from imported Italian fabric, which is 80% nylon and 20% lycra, but 100% Aussie-made. The masculine square-cut swimsuits are fully lined on the inside and include a tie cord and elastic waist. The range is now available in four different colors, including light blue, orange and red, with a limited release in aqua. Each swimsuit retails for around $40 USD (free worldwide shipping), and are available online at

For more information about 2wink Australia, please visit: You can also keep on top of special promotions and news updates by following 2wink Australia on Facebook ( and Twitter at @2wink.

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