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Lars Slind coverboy Sensitif

Sensitif french magazine has recently reveal their latest campaign features hairy Lars Slind.

Lars Slind, born 1983, in Arisona, is an American model of Norwegian descent. Lars studied Japanese in High school and college and has lived in Kyoto, Japan for several years.

He later moved back to America after he was done with his internship and worked for “Sumitomo Metal” in America. The job was too many hours so he decided to switch career and pursued modeling and acting.

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  • Jan Vos (Netherlands)

    Great to see a hairy chest, Ban the razor. Just stay/be natural

  • shirtless hunk

    love to bury my self on that hairy chest and pit! damn hot…

  • aliceinwonderland

    Beautiful body, beautiful face and eyes. But pecs would look better if they were depilated.

  • Pancho

    Menudo mango debe tener este chavo, me gustaria sacarle todo el jugo y despues encularlo bien, debe ser una gozada abrirle el ojete.

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