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Heath Jordan hairy huge dick shot by Rick Day

Heath Jordan hairy huge dick shot by Rick Day

Rick Day one of our fave photographer captured Heath Jordan beautifully every single detail and angle from his lovely eyes to sexy hairy body. Heath Jordan is Yummy Delicious!!!!!!!! Woof and Hot !!!!!!!

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  • http://www/http/ Jan Vos (Netherlands)

    What a natural hairy man Heath Jordan is.
    That is the ashion here in Europe and Holland. Ban the shavor. Just be as mother nature created you
    Jan Vos from the Netherlands.

  • danny philbrook

    Heath Jordan is beauitful man, beautiful body, beautiful dick.

  • ryu

    wowwww…i like it.

  • don quixote


  • http://shirtless MIRKO


  • ebony34

    Mmmm wow very lovely

  • John G

    Heath Jordan has the perfect chest, perfect pitts, perfect pubes and one hell of a cock. He is my perfect man!

  • taj3369

    oh my sinfully sexy…gggrrrrr

  • Sam

    I love you.i met u.plz plz i love you body.mis u

  • jacque604

    Did Rick Day suck his cock first to make it hard before taking the pic?

  • laurie k

    Rick Day you look fucking awesome – I would like to meet you at a bath house ans watch you jack off that massive uncut cock and release a lava flow of beautiful hot sticky cum

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