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More of Bo Roberts Coverboy DNA #131

More of Bo Roberts Coverboy DNA #131

Bo cover boy is not bad either as you can see!  Photographed by David Vance.

Bo Roberts 25 years before becoming a model, he practiced martial arts mixed. It was a “Cage Fighter” a bit special though, since entered the ring accompanied by a stamped Disney music, rather distant manly sounds arrogant and generally used by the fighters of modern times!

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  • rici

    What a hot stud, love his body and his attitude. Want to be there to take care of that growth between his legs, especiallly while he is standing on his hands. I can visulize him in some great leather shots.

  • rici

    Is that Bo’s huge milk drinking straw I seee in those briefs, I would love to suck on that straw until I get all the milk I can drink. OH Yeah!!!!!!!!

  • rici

    Bo, you need to be a Las Vegas strip walker and swimming pool percher as well as the star of the all male show at the Rio Hotel, the early show for the women and the late 2 a.m. show for all your male fans. There would be no end to the love.

  • whateverufancy

    mmm baby iwaht will i do if u ever come near me damn i will not say hear

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