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Lars Slind Shirtless Photos

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Lars Slind Shirtless Photos.  Norwegian sex-bomb has ramped-up the hunk factor!  These pics were shot by fantastic photographer Scott Hoover.  Lars Slind, born 1983, in Arisona, is an American model of Norwegian descent.

Lars studied Japanese in High school and college and has lived in Kyoto, Japan for several years. He later moved back to America after he was done with his internship and worked for “Sumitomo Metal” in America. The job was too many hours so he decided to switch career and pursued modeling and acting.

Slind is a very passionate model who has already made a number of advertising campaigns including “D&G”, “Red Nightlife” and “FBO Parts 2008 Calendar”. He has also appeared on “MTV Next” and “Clubcrushers”.

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  • akash

    get off ur undies darling

  • Bree

    He’s hot and a nice guy.. Wish him all the best.

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